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दीपिका बनी मेरे लौड़े की प्रेमिका
Hello friends, i am sameer patel from mumbai i am 25 years old.i want to share with u some of my sexy experiences here. if u feel it is good please tell me so i can continue to post some more.

I like to share here my first experience which happened by accident and was not planned or even imagined

It was a rainy day and the trains were all running late. I was in a train which was moving at a snails pace and waited patiently when it would hault at the next stop so some of the crowd would get out to let some fresh air come in.

In a few minutes which felt like hours in the crowd , the train finally halted, but instead of the crowd reducing the rushing was more and the train would not move out so people kept pushing in. As i was standing and cursing my stars a few guys around were shifting making way for a young girl. she tried so much to get in further but it was so crowded she had to stand in front of me.

I looked at this young girl, a bag in one hand and a plastic bag containing some kind of file. she had nice big boobs and as she stretched her one hand to hold up to the handle above me i could see the big huge ball shake every time she tried to move. All my tiredness went away and i kept looking for a chance to peep. the crowd was pushing around and soon the train was moving. she was now standing at an angle in front of me. Her paloo was tightly rolled from behind her and into the skirt in front side.

I got a bright idea. i slowly put my hand down and touched her waist she did not react so i began to move my fingers all over her stomach and found her naval. her saree was about 2-3 inches below the naval so i guessed she must be a sexy young woman. I looked at her and smiled when i caught her eyes looking at me but still there was no reaction.

i pulled out the bunch of her paloo slowly and let it go. now my hand was able to freely move the entire open skin area. i adjusted my standing position now to reach her boobs from under her saree. i caught one which felt like a big ball and began to press and squeeze it. round and soft i was now enjoying my journey in the crowded train but she did not seem to react. i wanted to see her face change colour so i slowly put my fingers inside her blouse but there was not much space as her blouse was very tight and also she was still holding the handle on top.

I was thinking of some new way to enter so i began to open her buttons which were in front , then she was now getting restless when she felt my fingers opening her blouse. i put my fingers all over and there were only 3 buttons to open because her neck line was very low. it was easy i opened 2 and then i could reach in. i felt a hook inside , oh god, i was so lucky to find that it was a bra with a front open hook. i quickly struggled and it snapped open. I pulled down one huge ball from under her blouse and it felt hot and soft. she closed her eyes and just let me do it for her. then i pulled the other ball down and i played with one at a time till i could pinch her tits and feel them grow hard and stiff.

I left her balls and came down, caught her petticoat and slowly pulled her closer to me. the train was so crowded nobody could see us enjoying. i kept feeling her soft and silky body while i slowly put my leg in between her legs to spread her legs but there was no space to move her leg. she opened her eyes and looked straight at me begging me not to do anything but now i was enjoying every bit of it so i smiled back and patted her on the naval and pinched her all over her body. as the train moved a little faster every one was shaking n falling on each other and i found the opportunity for my next action

My fingers were slowly going into her saree , i found her panty elastic and put my fingers in. Oh god i could just not believe this. there was hair thick hair i played with it and pulled at it. must be about 2-3 inches long. I was loving it and 4 fingers were now searching my way down to the pussy hole. I FOUND IT. full of juice . i began to spread the juice all over the bush and my thumb found her clit . it was big and hard and i could feel her legs shaking , it was her first orgasm in the train since i started fingering her.

I did not let go but kept on rubbing her clit and pushing my fingers in her pussy. within no time she was shaking again and this time i put my hand further inside her panty. she slowly lifted her one leg to let me move inside and i could reach her anus. i started rubbing around the anus and pussy together but could not push my finger too far so i came back to her pussy and played again.

After some time she turned close to me n whispered that she has to get off the train so i let her make her way towards the exit and kept close behind her. my hand was round her waist holding her so that i could move with her all the way. It was a long wait but finally we both got out. i held her by the waist and walked with her like we were lovers. we did not talk at all only walked out with the crowd. Once out , i directed her into a waiting autorikshaw and followed behind her.

Since it was rainy day the auto had a covering on both sides and we could have our privacy now. she started to adjust her bra and put the buttons but we did not talk. I was directing the auto driver to take us to a place and then stopped the auto in a quiet and lonely lane. i paid him the fare and we both got out. she then asked me where r u taking me, it is late and i have to reach home.

I told her , i want something from you, will u give me? she was quiet and we walked and walked till we reached a few buildings which were under construction but not yet fully ready. I went inside the gate and looked for the watchman and told him that we want to buy a flat so i and my wife came here to see the place if u can show us. He told me to go up to the 2nd and 3rd floor as the flats were not locked. I had a small torch in my mobile phone so i used that light to go up the stairs.

Once up there was a little light coming from the street lights. I turned to her and grabbed her close to me and kissed her on her lips and neck and back. her blouse had a deep neck behind and almost half was open. i opened her blouse and out came the balls . i was thrilled to see them in real. i asked her what is size of your bra and she said 38C. oh my god i just grabbed both in each hand and pushed her against the wall.

i told her i wanted her bra and panty to take with me. she was shocked and told me how will i go home. i said i will buy u a new set tomorrow and keep this one to taste the juice in it. i lifted her saree and pulled down her panty. its smell was lovely, full of juice. i sucked it and put it in my pocket.
then i opened her blouse and bra and she looked so sexy my cock was ready. i quickly put the bra in my pocket and before she put back her blouse i lifted up her saree and petticoat and examined her pussy with the light from my mobile torch. it was sexy and sweet.

I made her sit down in front of me and pulled out my cock. she looked at it and her eyes rolled . she said it is too big to .... and before she could finish i pushed 5 inches of my cock into her mouth and she began to suck. she played with my balls as she sucked and sucked and i kept pushing it inside more and more till it was fully inside her. i was so excited i started fucking her mouth fast and filled her mouth with my cum.

I asked her if she like it and she smiled. within a few minutes my cock was up again. i put her down on the floor n fucked her pussy she started screaming loud so i closed her mouth with a kiss and pushed my cock fully inside her. once she settled with the cock inside i banged her for 15 min since i had just cummed and i enjoyed her small tight hole. I asked her when was the last fuck she had and she told 2 years back. i was very happy and kept banging , she had orgasm one after another and i came.

We quickly dressed and went down and met the watchman and told him that we will come again in 2-3 days time to see the other building also but since it is late and dark inside we will come again and we left the place.

As we walked towards the auto stand, i put my hand round her shoulder and inside her blouse which was free now and played with her balls. she smiled and enjoyed it. then we planned to meet again in the train at a particular time when the train is most crowded and i told her this time she must come in a sexy dress and without panty and bra. she hesitated but i insisted that we can enjoy more better. i let her go home after a nice evening and watched her balls shaking as she walked. I stood and looked at her big huge buttocks bouncing and imagined how she felt inside without her bra and panty.

I will tell how we enjoyed the second time in the train. this time was a different experience. Let me know if u enjoyed this one and like me to write my experiences.
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