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दीपिका बनी मेरे लौड़े की प्रेमिका
Hi horny friends! It took a lot of time to gather up enough courage for me to narrate this incident. I swear upon my own self that each and every word that I write is true, it actually happened to me and provided me an opportunity to start this beautiful, fascinating relationship with my own sister. (I am going to change the names here for the sake of privacy). This happened when I was 23 and my sis was 20. I am Amir; live in Pindi, 24 years old, an engineer by profession recently graduated from NED university Karachi. I have two brothers, both elder and one cute younger sister. Her name is Irum and she is 3 years younger than me. Recently she is in SMC studying MBBS. My father is a business man and pretty strict. So much that I always found a wave of stress in my home. This behavior made my mom a patient and she started taking relaxants regularly in afternoon to get some sleep. My elder brothers were both very rude natured, they enjoyed teasing us and making us cry. Naturally this behavior caused me and my younger sis to get close to each other because we would find shelter from the cruel atmosphere this way.

We both used to get together after coming from school and having lunch when my mother would be sleeping and elder one would have left for tuition my eldest brother joined cadet college. We used to play silly games as brother sister, doctor and later on husband wife. Now this happened when I was 12 and studying in 6th std. my sis was 9 and in 3rd grade. Honestly we didn’t know much about a husband-wife relationship except that they hug, kiss and say darling. I, however, had seen some blue prints and was aware of oral sex. So friends with a little effort I persuaded her to include these in our games and she agreed. She, however, didn’t know anything about sex except that it was frowned but she did enjoy it when I licked her small pussy. Later she used to request me, as soon as we start playing, to lick her pussy. Time went by and we gave up this practice cause she started getting mature and learnt that this practice was strictly forbidden. She got so strict that one night when I tried to feel her breasts thinking that she was asleep she woke up and started crying, didn’t sleep for the whole night and changed her bed the very next day.

Now my elder brother joined army, the other one became a doctor and got busy with his house job I was having my free time as I was waiting for my results (Feb 03) when my family planned to take a vacation to Islamabad. We all just agreed to the idea made arrangements and left for Pindi via Train. There were 4 people altogether me, my sis, mom & dad. In the night me and my sis shared the top most berth, dad slept on the one just beneath and mom on the last one. Since it was not an ideal time for vacation, there were not many people on the train. Our bogey appeared almost empty. Parents slept because they were tired of getting awake the whole day but me and Irum were awake enjoying the journey. Around 2:30 A.M we decided to lie down and get some sleep. After 15 mins Irum tapped on my shoulder “bhai, bhai please wake up” I got up and asked her what was the problem, she replied “bhai, I need to go to the toilet.”

Ok, I said and we both got down the berth and I accompanied her to the toilet. I said to her “Go on I am standing here outside.” Now all those who have traveled by trains know that there is a small place in the bogeys where the sitting zone ends, having doors on all four sides, two for getting on and off the train, one which separates the sitting compartment from this area and one of the toilet. As soon as she opened the toilet door she jumped out saying Eeeech!!! I asked what happened and when looked inside there was shit stuck on the floor and even in the Lota. Now what? I thought. It was apparent from her face that she was having a terrible time controlling that urge to piss. I thought of an idea. I said “Irum, why don’t you sit on door and do it (squirting outside), I will get in the sitting area and lock the door and you just knock on it after getting done”.

She thought for a moment and the urge was so intense that she agreed but said “No bhaiyya, you must stay here I feel afraid doing this, just turn your face against me.” Ok! I said. Having no bad intensions at all I locked the door joining this zone to the sitting compartment and turned my face in the opposite direction. First she tried to do it in the traditional way with her shalwar down to her ankles but then realized it was not going to work because she was required to squirt at least a foot ahead and there was even a risk of getting misbalanced. Getting embarrassed get got up put off her shalwar and panty completely and with shivering voice she said “bhaiyya, please don’t look back just hold these for me or wind will carry them away” I smiled having pity at this childish girl and took these from her without looking back. Now she was without anything on her lower portion, she sat back and tried to get relief.

As soon as I held her shalwar and panty my thoughts changed, may be because it was wet from one spot perhaps it was her piss, oh my god, strange thoughts invaded my mind in a flash and I got so hot that I took some steps ahead and then peeped back, and slowly turned towards my younger sis. There she was, sitting on the brink of the floor facing the opening, holding her folded qamees above her waist with one hand and tightly grabbing the wall with the other completely concentrating towards her self. My god, her cute, ripe, milky white, stark naked buttocks were there in front of me, just a few feet away offering a glimpse of her smooth hairless thighs and small portion of her back.

I was shivering, memories from childhood rushed in my mind, my cock stood at its full (as I promised you I will tell only the truth, I don’t have any extraordinary cock but an average 6” tool). It seemed that she was trying to accommodate her self first because I couldn’t see any drop falling. The animal inside me won, I slowly stepped out of my trousers and underwear, folded her and mine clothes together and kept them behind the other door and stepped towards her. Guys just try to imagine the fun of standing in just a T-Shirt in a running train with winds rushing in from all sides striking our body and the best of all, just 2 feet away from a young, religious, cute, bottom naked sister.

As I was standing there thinking about my move she squirted the first part of her piss which couldn’t get much away and fell back onto the floor, dripping from her buttock. Embarrassed, she gathered much force and squirted again. Her hot piss just rushed out of her pussy with super force and guess what? It came back with more velocity because of the rushing current of the wind. Sprinkles of her own piss splat on her body, thighs making her calves drenched in the golden stream and on the same time some drops also fell on my naked ankles. It all just happened in 5 seconds, she literally jumped back, hitting me and I had to grab the wall to regain balance. She was lying there on the floor, her legs towards the door and wind blowing her qamees up exposing her white, soft choot.

She started to cry, I forgot that I was naked and sat on her side and said that “Don’t cry darling, I will help you get rid of it” on hearing my changed accent and strange words she suddenly opened her eyes, it was a shock for her “bhaiyya yeh kya? Tum ne kuch pehna kyun nahee?” she said all this cobbering her eyes. I slowly took her hands away and said “don’t worry janu, after all we have seen each other” “But this is Gunah (sin)” she said. “To hell with the sin, you must do as I say or your bladder will burst with this piss” I told her.

May be because of her condition she gave up and said “Please help me”. I asked her to sit in the same position again and told her to relax, close her eyes and just piss forgetting every thing. I was sitting on her back facing her back with my hands on her shoulder and an erect cock. As she closed her eye I moved my hands slowly onto her young, warm and full breasts and grabbed them with my hands strongly. She sighed and said in a husky voice “what are you doing bhaiyya?” I kissed her ear lobe from behind and said “forget every thing just piss, I will take care of the rest” she started to piss after trying for around 20 sec, sprinkling here and there but now she was letting it out continuously, I could feel her heart beat like a drum under my hands. After quite a long time she finished, opened her eyes and smiled and said “Now darling, what are we going to do with this mess”. I was glad like a bird hearing this familiar childhood word, it means she still remembers the time and may be she also wants to continue it again. I doubted that she may soon recall the religious teachings and push me away soon so I decided to offer her the best, I said “move on to the other door” where the floor was dry, left her boobs and asked to lay down flat on her back. She readily complied. I said “now my janu, you bhaiyya is going to clean your pussy and legs with his tongue.” she let out a sigh just hearing this, closed her eyes and said “Darling please karo na.” that was all I needed.

I jumped onto her cute pussy licking it furiously, licking almost every inch of her calves, thighs, hips. She just got crazy and started speaking vulgar “janu, kahan thay tum, kiya apni behan ki choot ki yaad nahee ati thee, mujhe kyun itna tarpaya, please mujh se alag mat hona, chato, kha jao is chikni choot ko… Ahhhhh… Ufffff” thanks to the loud sound of the train on the tracks, her voice didn’t get too far. I couldn’t control my self now; I dragged her up, rapidly took off her qamees and bra and just jumped on her tits like a hungry infant. She was now doing strange things “han meri jan, mere bachay, mera doodh pi lo, is jawan jism ko sukoon de do, ise kisi ne nahee chua hai, mein sirf tumahray liye bani hoon, apne bhai ke liye.” Her words acted like gasoline and I decided to give it a final blow, I became so mad that I forgot that we were there for more than 20 minutes and that she was my sis. I just kissed her once, opened her legs and asked her to hold them. She smiled and looked at me with reddish eyes and said “bhaiyya, aaj tum ko nahee rokoon gi, chod do mujhe magar itna khayal rakhna keh mein pregnant na ho jaoon.” I said “don’t worry jaanu, I love you and I care for you.”

She smiled, held her legs up with her hands, closed her eyes and said “do it” it was getting difficult for me to position my cock exactly on the hole because I had no experience of fucking, and the train floor was moving right & left but I did it any how, kept it there and pushed it. Only the tip went in and she cried Ahhhhh… suddenly covering her own mouth with her hands and closing her eyes. I slowly started inserting it in her choot which was tight enough to offer quite resistance, her face expression were changing she was in pain but determined to loose her virginity to her brother. I decided it finally and gave my dick a strong jerk, this was beyond her control she screamed, and beating the floor with her palms… tears flew out of her eyes. I slowly started moving it in and out she was still sobbing. With my dick fully inside her I kissed her forehead and asked if she was feeling fine, she opened her wet eye, forcibly smiled and said “anything for my brother, go on.” Yes! As I started pumping my dick slowly she also started having fun.

Tears were stopped and she was licking her lips now “Chodo apni janu ko bhaiyya, please apni behan ko chod do” hearing these words I lost control and started pumping faster. But I took out my dick well before I was about to come because I really didn’t want to make my little sis pregnant (who does?) she didn’t appreciate it but even didn’t force me to continue. I ejaculated my load on her soft belly and literally collapsed. As soon as I ejaculated my senses came to normal, now I was feeling the cold winds of Feb on my body, the chance of anyone arriving at the door also got highlighted and I quickly started dressing. I cleaned my sister’s belly and blood stained choot with my underwear and threw it away. The floor was still telling the story but we quickly got dressed and opened the door. Thanks to the winter season, the whole bogey was fast asleep covered in blanket or sheet. It was just the beginning of the most wonderful experience I ever had in my whole life. I love my sister and we have now been living as a couple hitting it whenever we get a chance. We are happy because we know each other since childhood and care for each other. I am proud to be a behanchod; this can be the best title I could have ever received. Please send me your comments. My e-mail is