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Hi friends,

i guess its time for me to share my story since ive been reading urs for quite a while now. im a normal guy, 27 yrs of age, living in delhi.
well i met this girl Mansi(not real name) when i came to delhi long time ago and i was trying to get cosy with some other girl in our group. but it didnt work out and i sort of became very good friends with mansi in the process. why did i not try anything with mansi? well because she had a bf and she didnt appeal too much to me either. So we used to spend time at this foreign language class tht we had joined, before after class and talk about everything under the sun. then slowly she started having issues with her bf and she started accusing him of being insensitive and impossible to talk to. i tried to help her out with her issues by trying to keep her posotive all the way and during this period there was a lot of touching, caresssing going on. Generally i used to keep my hand over her shoulder n caress her arm on the other side when we sat together. Now I wudnt say that i was not concious of touching her but i felt she needed touch. so it happened that i started visiting her house too and got along well with her parents too. they wud often ask me to stay for meals but i refused everytime politely.
everything was going alright, in the sense that i felt that wtever mansi was going thru in her love life, she felt that she could handle it. one day she called me on my mobile and asked me to come over immedeately to her house. i felt tht she was crying so i didnt waste much time on asking her wt it was and rushed to her place. it was a holiday and her parents were out to see some relatives. i found her crying as she opened the door. i was worried as to what might have happened. she sd that she found out that her bf was cheating on her and she cudnt do anything about it as their engagement had been fixed. i asked her to walk out of the relationship as nothing had been lost. but she kept crying n sd that she had fought with her parents for this and now if she says no to the marriage there wud be a filmy scene in the house. I tried to convince her tht everything can be changed but she didnt agree n kept crying. well i sort of felt sad for her hugged her n started to caress her back. she stopped crying after a while and looked up and suddenly kissed me on the lips. I was shocked. i held her face n made her stop. i asked she wt she was doing. she didnt say anything. just kept looking at me and kissed me again. this time her lips were wet.
well i didnt feel the first one but this one hit me too. and she sort of climbed on me and made me lie down on my back n she came on top of me and kept kissing. suddenly she put her tongue inside my mouth. i sort of woke up from a dream. inspite of the rush i felt in my lions, i felt i had the right to know wt was going on in her mind. was it sex? was it revenge on her bf? or was she in love with me? not that i cared wt reason it was. but generally i mean. ;) so i broke the kiss and i asked her wt it was. why was she behaving like she did. bcoz this had never happened in the 8-9 months we knew each other. in fact i never even thought abt it. i made her lie by my side and asked her again. she had tears in her eyes n she barely managed to say "i'm in love with you." i sd i loved her too. (did i? ;) well i did. and she asked me to shut up. n she came on top of me n started kissing me again.
well so the kissing stuff was great. we tried everything we had seen in movies. a huge amount of saliva was being exchanged and i taught her how to brush someone's teeth with ur tongue. she made it a point to let me know that she was a quick learner. now during these kisses my hand had moved from caressing her back and had rested on her ass. hmmm. it was silk. first i caressed her ass n then i started squeezing her ass cheeks. she started to rub herself on me and i had a nice funny feeling about it. by this time we were almost out of breath by all the kissing. i asked her wt size her bra was. and she blushed. she asked me why i needed that info. i sd i might write the details into my diary someday. ;) well she didnt tell me. but she didnt stop me from feeling her wherever i wanted to. so i helped her out of her tshirt and pajamas. did i tell u before wt she was wearing? well now i did. i felt her skin n caressed it all over. i looked at her for a while n started kissing her agin. started with the lips, spent quite a lot of time on her neck, her skin above her bra, and then tried openin the bra. she kept looking at me when i was opening her bra with a shy smile on her face. i was surrised to find that she had nice firm boobs and they were quite a handful. when she saw me looking at them n drooling, she laughed and held the back of my neck and pushed my face into them. mmmmmmmm. she sd i know ur hungry, go on, suck them. i sd "say please" and winked at her. she blushed at first and looked at me softly and said "please dont make me beg". i gave her a long wet kiss on the lips and started to suck her ripe tits. oh the nipples were hard pretty soon and i dont know for how long i sucked on them but the twins were really amazing. i then asked her if i cud taste her pussy too. she covered her face with her hands n sd she wudnt stop me from anything i want to do. i put m hand inside her panties n caressed her there. she let out a mix of a moan and a hiss. well i didnt waste anymore time n helped her out of those damn panties. n started to lick her n suck her. she came a couple of times and made a lot of noise urging me to stop at times n to keep doing it at times. and i liked the taste. it was a strange taste no doubt but i guess it had a magical appeal to it. the smell/taste stayed in my mouth and in my mind for a long time after that moment.. anyways. when i was done i asked her to lie down on her stomach. she looked at me trying to understand why but then she understood, blushed n did as she was told. now it was the turn of the ass. i licked n sucked on her cheeks like mad. n then i put my tongue in her crack at the top n started licking her downwards. she kept making strange sounds which i am not in a position to describe for you but believe me she liked it all. so i reach her asshole and i am somehow so in awe of how it looked i cannot stop myselfr from licking it n trying to put my tongue inside it. oh i dont know how long i was at work there but i was in a trance. n so was she. when i felt my lips go weak n found myself out of breath i just turned her around and hugged her with me about to burst in my pants. she kissed me wildly trying to eat my lips. i asked her if she wanted to see something. i took her hand and put it on my erection. she opened my belt n helped me out of my trousers, underwear, and started to stroke me. i asked her of she wanted to do anything with it. and she was no kid. she took me in her mouth and started to run her tongue all around my thing. made it nice and wet and then started to suck. and she did it till i was about to come. i told her about it and she sd that she wud like to taste it. so she took a bit of it in her mouth and the rest she rubbed on her tits. well she didnt like the taste and u cannot blame someone for not being as mad as urself.

we did have many more sessions and did do everything we cud do till she got married to tht jerk but since she moved out of the city, i do miss her at times. i know that this incident doesnt involve hardcore sex or an intercourse as you might find in most of the stories but i sort of have very fond memories of this day so i thought why not choose this very experience to share. you can tell by the way ive written it, that im not ur regular story writer. so it wud be nice to have some honest opinions or if any of you want to share ur own experiences with me ur welcome. i wudnt mind if you want to share anything more ;) you can mail me at

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