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Fucking Indian Housewife [652]
my name is mahesh.
this incident occured two years ago when i completed my first in B.E program.
After the even semester exams we got a one month leave.I had nothing to do.One day i went to town for shopping some things for my mother, after shopping on my way home by bus i saw a small hoarding infrint of an icecream parlour which meant a help needed (boy/girl).An idea clicked i thought why not spend this leave serving in the ice cream parlour.So the next day i contacted the number given in the hoarding, it was the owner of the parlour.He said he had other bussiness too so he was unable to look much in the icecream business.
He told me the addres to meet him and i met him and i took incharge.
The parlour was a small parlour with four tables(four person could accomodate a table).Further inside there is a entrance leading to a small room where two refrigerator was there and was some what spacious.At the end of the room there was desk which which was a cashier desk.
I thought there would be two to three people for help but no there was only one, enough to help.And that is the character, her name was geetha.She had a good figure, her attractive part was her boobs and her bum.She was brown skinned but any body will be aroused sexually by her look.Both of us had the job of serving customers.After the day's business i took the cash to the owner ganesh.
More than a week later i and geetha knew each other.She had parents and a younger sister doing 10th at that time.Her father was a casier in a textile shop.She discontinued after completing tenth.I didin't ask her why she didin't work in the textile shop.She simply said she enjoyed this work.
The parlour statrt at 9"30am and i cose at 10:00.
Geetha had a weakness, the ice cream.She would take a cup and have it,
i said im going ti complain Ganesh anna about this, she said no dont do this to me please,she said she gets the pocket money from this.
Ice cream product were cup icecream ,chocobar ,cornetto atc of kwality icecream.
But she took only the cup ice.I had to give the equivalent money of the icecream sold to ganesh,so i added from my pocket for it coster only Rs5 per cup.
Then one night a idea clicked i thought why not take a chance.Days went by owner never came to parlour for he trusted me and busy with other business.And daily i saw geetha having cup ice cream,i thought may be the fat in th cream is making her plum.
One day i stopped her from taking a cup from the the refrigerator.She didn't like it th way i said.
She straight went to the innner room.I took a whole sale packet if cornetto and placed individually int front hall refrigerator from where the customer would choose it.
I crossed the entrance to the room where refrigerator was there as specified before.Geetha was sitting on a ruck sack put on the floor.
I bent down and said to her "i will give u a cornetto provided u must do me a favour".I saw a glow on her face "what favour shall i do? i will do it for cornetto"she replied."Will u? " i asked and she replied "yes".My heart was beating fast but i had a fear that she would object and complain ganesh anna.it was afternoon then.

i waiteed for evening .i decided to close the parlour at 8:00 itself.i asked dont u need the cornetto.she said"aa i was waiting for it.".
i asked her to go to the the next room and she went, my hands were shivering n i didnt knew what will happen.
i decided i went to the room.she was was sitting on the floor.
i went out pulled down the shutter from inside and went inside the room,"do me a favour geetha i said" my voice was trembling.
"Before tasting the cornetto u need to taste a new icecream that im goig to provide u.".
I went out of the room to main hall, unzipped my pant and took out my swelled dick out from the under wear and stroked it to make it further big.i took a cloth piece from a cardboard box and covered my dick n went to the room n stood in front of her she didnt the cloth piece i wa holdin g to hide my dick."u need to taste this first",saying so i showed my dick in front of her she fell back.
i said "u said u will do me any favour i ask".she didnt say a word.
"oh man what a situation" she said startled.

i stroked it to make it alive.she at first kissed the dick ,i said to take in to her mouth .she took in to her mouth and took out saying that she felt like vomiting.
i told her to stand up n she stood ,i hugged her and rubbed my dick on her body.
i didnt knew how to open her salwar top so i pulled her pant.she didint resist n then her panties.i removed my pant n underwear.made her lay on her back on the floor and forcibly parted her thighs.
she in tension asked what i was doing? , ididnt reply, i parted her pussy lips n slid my tongue in to her love hole tasting her pussy,i rolled my tongue in every axis n she raocked.

this lasted for some minutes and then stroking my dick i inserted my dick in to pussy ,she screamed,she was a virgin, i continued the thrust , at on point she reached orgasm, i fucked continuously and unaware her that she will go pregnant i let the load of my dseed in to her.
after the fuck i gave her the cornetto and took it in to my account, later i provided her the pill to avoid pregnancy